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Teacher Email Address Website Assignment
 Adams, Leah  ladams@centerville.k12.in.us mouse   1st Grade
 Alford, Rebecca  ralford@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  School Counselor
 Anderson, Jessica  janderson@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Kindergarten
 Barker, Teri  tbarker@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  1st Grade
 Biava, Kendra  kbiava@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  1st Grade
 Bishop, Karen  kbishop@centerville.k12.in.us    Reading Recovery
 Burkhart, Margaret  mburkhart@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Kindergarten
 Charlton, Julia  jcharlton@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Physical Education
 Cox, Debbie  dcox@centerville.k12.in.us    Preschool Teacher
 Davis, Alyssa  adavis@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  1st Grade
 Duke, Linda  lduke@centerville.k12.in.us mouse  Integrated Media Specialist
 Eadler, Kim  keadler@centerville.k12.in.us    Learning lab
Elsrod, Trisha telsrod@centerville.k12.in.us   Communities in Schools
 Frazier, Cheryl  cfrazier@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  2nd Grade
 Hawkins, Kayla  khawkins@centerville.k12.in.us





 Hildebrand, Amanda  ahildebrand@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  2nd Grade
 Hood, Valerie  vhood@centerville.k12.in.us    Speech / Hearing Clinician
 Hoskins, Angela  ahoskins@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Kindergarten
 Martin, Roger  rmartin@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  2nd Grade
 Marshall, Teresa  tmarshall@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  2nd Grade
 Metcalf, Tracy  tmetcalf@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Kindergarten
 Miller, Jill
 Peine, Dave  dpeine@centerville.k12.in.us    School Counselor
 Powell, Melissa  mpowell@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  1st Grade
 Powell, Suzette  spowell@centerville.k12.in.us    Reading Recovery
 Schauss, Beth  bschauss@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  1st Grade
 Scheffler, Janice  jscheffler@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Kindergarten
 Sheard, Amy asheard@centerville.k12.in.us   Secretary
 Short, Tisha  tshort@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Kindergarten
 Sizelove, Annelies  asizelove@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Art
 Stainbrook, Cathy  cstainbrook@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Special Education
 Steiner, Samantha  ssteiner@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  2nd Grade Teacher
 Stienbarger, Lee  lstienbarger@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  Principal
 Strain, Amy  astrain@centerville.k12.in.us    Nurse
 Tidrow, Sarah  stidrow@centerville.k12.in.us  mouse  2nd Grade
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